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1What is the reason of rather high price?

First of all, all metal elements, contacting water are made of high quality stainless steel. It is necessary, as highly purified water, which is used for humidification, may cause corrosion of carbon steel, copper, brass.
Moreover, as you might have guessed, many modern technical solutions defined the structure of our system, which required significant engineering inputs from the manufacturer.
To increase the system’s reliability and performance enhancement, some elements are made of high-tech materials.

2Is it possible to install the system into finished interior?

Our system can be easily installed into any finished interior as against other types of humidifiers. The central unit and filters are supposed to be installed in the storeroom, lavatory or in the kitchen with the possibility of connection to water supply, drainage and power supply. Hoses supplying water to nozzles have 4.5 mm diameter and their minimum bending radius is 2.5 cm. This fact enables designing the pipelines in different ways:
– open laying (possible because the hoses are aesthetically designed)
– in air ducts
– back from furniture and interior features (mouldings, closets, etc)
– behind the ceiling
– hidden installation in structural passes

3Why is the hose line looped?

Hose line is looped to avoid stagnant zones, which may be comfort for microorganism growth. Water circulates in the system, providing unequalled level of hygiene.

4Where may I locate the central unit?

It may be installed in any room with connection to water supply, drainage and power supply. For example, it may be a storeroom, kitchen, basement, boiler-room, laundry, lavatory, vent chamber, etc. One thing is important, the temperature should not be less than 0 °C.
We do not recommend to install the central unit at living spaces: bedrooms, drawing rooms, cabinets.

5What power consumption is required?

Central unit White Energy 6: 170 Watts
Central unit White Energy 18: 200 Watts
Basic filter system Brane Filter: 60 Watts

6Where is it better to install nozzles?

Nozzle installation should be planned taking into account the air flow distribution; in this case humidity will spread evenly around the place. In other words, it is better to locate nozzles close to the ventillation and air-condition grills.
Nozzles should not be installed very close to the exhaust grills. It is not necessary to install nozzles into every room, because humidity may easily spread around the place. It is often the case that nozzles may be installed in corridors or common rooms (if there is no blowing ventilation in rooms).
Nozzles should not be installed over high furniture and doors (from opening side). It is also desirable NOT to place nozzles over beds or sofas – cooling effect may be uncomfortable.

7What types of ventilation UniverseDIY may be combined with?

UniverseDIY air humidification is installed independently of ventilation; correspondingly, it may be combined with any type of vent.

If there is a combined extract and fresh air ventilation installed, it is necessary not to install nozzles close to the exhaust grilles. Location of nozzles near to the incoming air grills or even their installation inside the grill is recommended.

8Is there any possibility of dripping from nozzles?

Anti-dripping valve is included in the nozzles’ design, it shuts off water supply if the pressure is not enough for effective atomizing. In such a way, it protects nozzles against dripping during transition from atomizing mode to standby mode.

9Is it possible to stop the system for a night?

There is a control jack installed at the central unit, in case of closing its contacts the system does not spray water even if it receives a request for humidification. This operation could be controlled by general timer. In this way, it is possible to cancel humidification process for the nights.

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