White Energy 18

Energy Series

Central unit 18 l/h
with QUICK / CEL-DKOL connection

White Energy 18 – a central unit of the Universe humidification system, it’s nominal capacity is 18 liters of atomized water per hour.


White Energy 18 – a central unit of the Universe humidification system, it’s nominal capacity is 18 liters of atomized water per hour. The unit also has controlled pump with damping hoses, set of control valves, controlling electronics and sensors.

Purified water enters the central unit after Brane filter or from another one.
The White Energy maintains constant pressure in the pipeline, directing water to fogging nozzles. Operating pressure can be set within 30 to 70 bar at the electronic module located on the central unit or an external regulator. The central unit receives requests for start/stop from wireless controllers or external automation. Electronics is protected against inner water leakages and hose’s burst. Electric power supplies by a 230 VAC adapter.

A synchronous DC motor maintains low-noise and smooth pump’s operation.

An external ultrafilter included in a supply package guarantees sterility of income water.

The White Energy unit has an input for water, an output for a connection to drainage, also connections for pipeline going to nozzles. Connections for water supply and drainage are instantly connectable/disconnectable. Inner elements contacting water are made of high quality stainless steel or special plastic, that is why the central unit may operate using deeply purified water, without risk of corrosion.

The central unit’s cover is fixed by magnets and can be easily removed by hands. The White Energy unit is supposed to be installed at any horizontal

Difference between White Energy 6 and 18:
The difference between two units, White Energy 6 and White Energy 18 is in nominal capacity which is 6 and 18 liters per hour respectively. These water flows are provided by two different pumps, which are installed in units.


Top shape Bottom shape


Technical information:

Dimensions with cover:

480 mm х 260 mm х 220 mm (LxWxH)

Dimensions w/o cover:

410 mm х 175 mm х 180 mm (LxWxH)

Weight with cover (w/o water):

13600 g

Weight w/o cover (w/o water):

11200 g

Input pressure:

2.5 – 6 bar

Output pressure:

30 – 70 bar (controlled manually or automatically)

Nominal capacity:

18 l/h

Power adapter:

100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Energy input:

200 W

Cover’s material:


Material of inner constructions:

high quality aluminium, stainless steel

Low pressure connections:

2 x 1/4’’ John Guest® female (quick connect fittings)

White Ray SS Hoses’ connections:

2 x QUICK female or 2 x CEL 12x1.5 (with QUICK-M-CEL adapter)

Electronic connectors:

X1 - Power
X2 - Stop / Forced washing
X3 - Request for humidification
X4 - High pressure adjustment
X5 - Error output / Ready output
X6 - Interface