Brane Filter

Brane Series

Double Reverse Osmosis filter, 6 l/h

Brane Filter – a complex filter for water purification with a two-step Reverse Osmosis system.


Brane Filter – a complex filter for water purification with a two-step Reverse Osmosis system.

The main unit of RO water purification system – a semi-permeable membrane, that allows only water molecules to pass. While supplying of polluted water to membrane purified water passes it under pressure, and polluter is holded.

The second membrane of Brane Filter purifies water once again after the first one. Each membrane is equipped with an individual noiseless pump. The two stage filtration purifies water to the level, which is unobtainable for traditional RO systems. It is especially important to purify water from silicic acids, as they hardly removed from water and form white scurf on the surfaces.

As RO membranes are contamination-sensitive, therefore water goes through two treatment stages:

– Modified absorbent carbon in the form of filaments purifies water from mechanical pollution of 1 – 5 micron size, chlorine and different organic contaminants.
– Ultrafiltration membrane does not let particles of more than 0.1 micron size pass. This protects RO membrane from micro-organisms.

Tubes can be connected manually without using any instruments with a slight press by John Guest® type fittings. Connection sets for drainage and water-supply come standard with supply package. Brane Filter should be installed on the horizontal and stable surface.

Top shape Bottom shape


Technical information:


340 х 190 х 400 mm ( L х W х H )

Weight (w/o water):

5200 g


4 x 1/4’’ John Guest® female

Power adapter:

100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Energy input:

60 W

Input pressure:

2.5 – 4 bar

Nominal water rate:

6 l/h


1 – 5 micron


0.1 micron

Adsorbtion of chlorine, output water resource:

32 000 liters or 6 months, under 0.3 ppm Cl in output water


painted steel, plastic