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Main zone control unit

Boson – a room electronic air humidity controller.


Boson – a room electronic air humidity controller. It allows one to set the required humidity and to switch humidification modes: automatic, off, testing. Boson displays the actual humidity level and room’s temperature. It has a touch display, which blinks off during downtime and is activated by touch.

The Boson is a wireless controller, transmitting a control signal on a frequency of 433 MHz. The unique algorithms of control signal processing allow enlargement of the operating area by several times without increasing power comsumption. Its radio signal easily penetrates concrete walls, which allows one to use it in modern buildings. In case if a signal receiver (the White Energy central unit) is remote, the miniature antenna should be installed, it is included in the supply package.

The Boson has an built-in rechargeable battery, which should be charged by the supplied adapter once per half of a year or even rarely (depending on conditions of use).

To avoid significant decrease of the operating signal range, do not install the Boson on a metal surface or on walls in close proximity to massive metal elements.

The Boson can be mounted on any surfaces by the use of the supplied fastener.

Top shape Bottom shape


Technical information:


72 mm х 18 mm х 82 mm (LхWхH)


130 g

Frequency range:

433 MHz

Effective range:

up to 1000 m

Charging port:


Battery runtime:

6 – 7 months