Binary Sat

Cosmology Series

Straight tee with DKOL connection and UNC
side connection

Binary Sat is a high pressure tee made of AISI316L stainless steel.


Binary Sat is a high pressure tee made of AISI316L stainless steel.

There is an UNC thread connection at the face surface of the tee, into which the atomizing nozzle or Tunnel extender should be screwed. Therefore, one nozzle may be installed into the splitter, which corresponds to 1.2 l/h capacity under maximum pressure in the hoseline.

At the ends of the Binary Sat fast CEL-DKOL connections (2 pcs) are located, providing a durable connection for infeeding and outfeeding White Ray SS Hoses. Feed and outfeed hoses may be connected to any connector. Connection and disconnection is made by a simple wrench.

Binary Sat may be installed open or hidden behind the wall or the ceiling. In the latter case Tunnel extender is required for placing the nozzle into the room. In case of hidden installation it is recommended to pay attention to how tightly the extender is screwed into the UNC connection at the surface of Binary Sat. For this reason, this tee is recommended for professional installation. A mounting clip is included into the supply package.

Attention! Disconnection of DKOL connector should be done without water pressure.

Top shape Bottom shape


Technical information:


17 mm х 64 mm (ØхL)


60 g

Max. pressure:

10 MPa


AISI316L stainless steel


1 x UNC10/24 female

Types of Binary Sat tee’s mounting

11. Open mounting to the wall

When mounting of the Binary Sat to a wall, the magnet plate from the supply package is used. It should be mounted to the wall by self-tapping screws and a standard wall plug; after that the tee can be easily magnetised to the plate.

22. Hidden installation in structural passes

Binary Sat may be mounted into the structural passes, in this case Nova nozzle may be directed into the room by Tunnel 10 or Tunnel 50 extenders.

Types of nozzle’s connection to Binary Sat

For the Binary Sat + connection to UNC the following items may be used:

Dot – Plug for nozzle’s connection

Lens – Turning nozzle’s joint

Nova – Nozzle with ruby insert

Tunnel 10 – Flexible nozzle extender, 10 cm

Tunnel 50 – Flexible nozzle extender, 50 cm

The easiest way to use Binary Sat is Nova nozzle connected to the UNC side connection.

Nova is used together with Lens swivel joint in case when the direct atomizing is required.

Tunnel 10 (or Tunnel 50) is used for a hidden mounting, in this case Nova nozzle will be withdrawed from the hoses and Binary Sat tee.