Gravity +

Cosmology Series

Passive splitter with QUICK connection

Gravity + is a splitter of high pressure, made of high quality AISI316L stainless steel.


Gravity + is a splitter of high pressure, made of high quality AISI316L stainless steel.

It has 3 threaded UNC connections for screwing of fogging nozzles or plugs. You may screw nozzles manually, without using any tools. Two nozzle connections are located at the front side, one at the lateral side. Unused connections should be screwed by plugs, thereby the splitter may be installed with 1, 2 or 3 nozzles, which is corresponding to the following fogging capacity: 1.2, 2.4 or 3.6 l/h under maximum pressure. Instead of nozzles, one may install intermediate Tunnel extenders and turning Lens joint.

At the rear side of Gravity + instant QUICK connections (2 pcs) are located, they provide durable connection for feeding and outfeeding White Ray SS Hoses. Feed and outfeed hoses may be connected to any connector. Connection and disconnection is made by hands with a slight pressure without using special tools.

Gravity + splitter can be easily mounted by two magnets located at the rear side. These magnets hold Gravity + with the installed nozzles on a special mounting plate made of magnetic stainless steel, included in a standard supply package. A mounting bracket which is designed for open type of installation to the wall or ceiling, is made of magnetic stainless steel and is also included in the supply package.

Attention! Disconnection of QUICK connector should be done without water pressure.

Top shape Bottom shape


Technical information:


86 х 45 х 44 mm ( L х W х H )


350 g

Max. pressure:

10 MPa


AISI316L stainless steel


2 x QUICK female (rear side),
2 x UNC10/24 female (front side),
1 x UNC10/24 female (lateral face)

Types of mounting for Gravity + splitter

1Hidden mounting of feeding hoses

In case of hidden mounting of feeding hoses magnet plate from supply package of Gravity + is used. It should be mounted to the wall by self-tapping screw and standard wall plug. Hoses are placed in the wall through a hole. The splitter installed vertically or horizontally reposes on the plate by magnets located at the rear side.

2Open mounting of feeding hoses

For this type of mounting of feeding hoses a magnet bracket from Gravity’s supply package should be used.

3Mounting to a ceiling

When it is necessary to install the splitter on the ceiling, one may use the magnet bracket, fixing it in one of the two possible ways. In the first case, a narrow side of the bracket may be fixed to a ceiling providing sufficient distance from nozzles to the ceiling’s surface. In the second case, the extended side may be fixed, this method provides for mounting it closer to the ceiling. In case of hidden installation of feeding hoses firstly you should use the magnet plate and then use Tunnel 10 extender for correct positioning of the nozzle from the ceiling.

Types of nozzle’s conenction to the Gravity + splitter

Body of Gravity + using three types of UNC connection allows to create different types of spraying: two at the front side and one at the lateral side. The following components are used for this purpose:

Dot – Plug for nozzle’s connection

Lens -Turning nozzle’s joint

Nova – Nozzle with ruby insert

Tunnel 10 – Flexible nozzle extender, 10 cm

Tunnel 50 – Flexible nozzle extender, 50 cm

One Nova nozzle at the front side and Dot plugs at the lateral and front sides is a minimum operation variant.

Two Nova nozzles at the front side and Dot plug at the lateral side – an optimum variant for simple mounting on the wall.

Two Nova nozzles with Swivel Lens joints and Dot plug at the lateral side – variant for directed fogging.

Nova nozzle on the flexible Tunnel 10 extender and two Dot plugs at the front side is for side mounting.

Nova nozzle on the flexible Tunnel 50 extender and two Dot plugs at the front side for complete hidden installation.